Useful Things to Know about Jackson Yoga!

For the sessions and workshops at JOY Central, aka Elaine’s home. Location information.

The best place to park is in the driveway. Do not be afraid you will block us in. If you need to be the first to leave and are worried you will be blocked in there is the option of parking on the street.

Arrive ten minutes early. This will allow the class to start on time. If you do arrive late, please let yourself in and be respectful that the class has already started. But, when you let yourself in PLEASE don’t let the cats out.

Dress in comfortable, stretchy clothing. Layers are a good idea in case you find the room hot or cool.

Bring your own mat. It is a good idea for hygiene reasons. There are a couple of extra mats but not enough for everyone. You are welcome to leave your labelled mat at the studio if you like.

Please make us aware of any special health conditions that you may have (e.g. diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis, pregnancy).

There are two cats in the home. Though the studio is cleaned daily, students with severe allergies may react to the dander in the air. You may want to try one class before you commit to the session. Please contact us if this is the case.

Try not to drink water during class. However, if this is a necessity for you please bring it in a sealed spill-proof container.

But, drink plenty of water after class.

Refrain from wearing perfumes or strongly scented products.

Turn off your cell phone. If there is an unusual situation where you may need to be reached immediately please let us know before the class begins.