My yoga therapy sessions with Elaine have been awesome!

Using a wide variety of exercises and aids, she has been able to help me reverse long standing flexibility issues. She is always able to pinpoint tight and painful areas, explains what created the problems and how to correct them, giving me lots of techniques to practice at home between sessions. Always calm and relaxed, Elaine encourages me to do just that little bit more, and get the most out of our sessions when I am ready to go to the next level. I have become much more body aware and am grateful for her knowledge, expertise and dedication.ll


Elaine was one of the first instructors I met when I began my yoga journey. New to the practice, I really appreciated her warmth and playful manner!  The holistic approach and extensive knowledge she has of both traditional Eastern teachings and Western medicine is incredible – I always learn something amazing and enlightening when I’m in her presence.  She has helped me so much with my meditation, which I struggled with and as a result avoided before studying with her.  I am forever grateful for Elaine and highly recommend Jackson Yoga!!

Thank you,

Sue Prozak, USC™

Certified UltimateStager™

Elaine’s teaching style accompanied with her understanding of the body help you to visualize the movements as we go through her classes.  You then gain a greater understanding of your own body.  I’ve been in recovery for 9 years from nerve, muscle dysfunction from hysterectomy surgery.  Yoga has played a vital part in my recovery. I still see progress in classes and I am still aware of my limitations as Elaine asks us to move.  I am happy for this as then I can continue to put treatment plans together and work towards a full recovery.  I trust her and that is very important when coming from a place of pain and wanting to move beyond it. 

Elaine is a great teacher of yoga. Her teaching style is gentle, thorough, knowledgeable & sometimes spontaneous but always thoughtful.  I love that! 

Jan Blacktopp

Elaine, of Jackson Yoga, is my earth-angel! The moment I met her and participated in her classes, whether private or group, I knew I was in the right place.Elaine has pulled me through some very grim times with chronic pain and will always address any physical challenge I may be facing.

She attracts lovely people into her practice, and I am so very grateful to be in a class where there is laughter, acceptance and understanding.

Elaine has a very thorough knowledge of the human body, is a lovely and gentle soul and very much at purpose in her life, helping people with yoga.
I am forever grateful to have found Elaine Jackson and Jackson yoga. I never miss a class. Elaine makes yoga interesting with anecdotes and new techniques seamlessly blended into every class. She is always conscious of each student’s limitations and yet, pushes us enough to explore those limits for a truly personal yoga experience. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Kim McDougall



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