Self-acceptance: Beauty, Health, and Aging


The way we understand health and beauty is deeply impacted by the time and place we live in—and it is changeable. In the Renaissance plump and pear-shaped was the ideal, in the sixties it was twig-thin, in the nineties it was Loni Anderson (tiny waist, huge boobs), and according to the health magazine I just looked at being “super-fit” is now the epitome of beauty. […]

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Hungry Ghosts

inability to be satisfied

To be able to exorcise our hungry ghosts we have to be able to look at and digest that fact that there is something innate in us that just cannot be satisfied .it’s not necessarily our fault. We evolved to plan for contingencies, and we live in a culture that’s all about having the biggest, the shiniest, and the best of everything. […]