Private Yoga Sessions

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Are you unsure if you can manage a regular yoga class?

Are you struggling with your at-home yoga or meditation practice?

Dealing with an injury or movement limitation?

Are you an avid golfer, runner, or cyclist looking for a yoga routine catered to your sport?

Whether you are a yoga newbie or a seasoned practitioner, a private lesson can be a great way to move forward.

Private Sessions allow a much more individualized, catered approach than a class can. You will receive sixty minutes of targeted one-on-one instruction that can reveal areas where your body is holding tension, discover weak or overly active muscle groups, and increase awareness of breathing patterns that can contribute to stress. Together we can identify which poses or styles of yoga are most beneficial for your body and personality type, and you can take away specific recommendations and homework. Bring along a notebook and a camera.

I offer several options (pricing below):

Therapeutic Sessions:

Designed for students who have ongoing problems with injuries, back pain, arthritis, MS or fibromyalgia, these sessions help you to explore ways to maximize your mobility, increase your strength, and improve your body awareness without increasing your pain.

Yoga for Anxiety or Depression:

All of us get anxious and depressed sometimes. These sessions draw from the wisdom of both body and mind practices derived from yoga philosophy, psychology, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. As a trained therapist and a meditation teacher I can blend the best techniques from both east and west to help you cope better, sleep better, feel better and generate a plan for moving forward.

Topic-centred Sessions:

Great for athletes, yoga teachers and teachers-in-training, these sessions can be based around a specific sport, specific needs (e.g. an inversion-based class), or a specific medical question (e.g. which postures are appropriate for someone with a metal rod in their spine).

One Session Three Sessions Ten Sessions
$100.00 $255.00 $700.00

For more information about our private lesson policies, please get in touch via the contact page. We can send you a PDF with everything you need to know.

To purchase sessions, please contact Jenn at